How it Works

Complimentary Phone Interview

Your journey begins with a complimentary phone interview with Dr. Jones.  The purpose of this interview is for Dr. Jones is to assess your eligibility for the Executive New Patient Consultation and the Gentlemen’s Concierge Program or The Organic Menopause Treatment, and for you to get to know Dr. Jones and ask him your preliminary questions.  Dr. Jones will spend over half an hour with you to answer all your questions. (10 minutes – $50 value)

Executive New Patient Consultation


  1. A private, one-on-one environment.
  2. A detailed review of your chief complaint and medical history.
  3. Physical exam.
  4. Nutrition education.
  5. Thorough discussion of problems and treatment options.
  6. Unlimited time to assess your problems in full (no interruptions).
  7. No waiting.
  8. Private entrance and exit; Neighborhood parking.
  9. Recap of your recommendations in a clear and concise manner.

The Gentlemen’s Concierge Program


The Organic Menopause Treatment


  1. Unlimited integrative medicine consultations for one year.
  2. Nutrition and lifestyle coaching.
  3. Hormone optimization to youthful levels.
  4. Guaranteed email or phone replies within 24 hours.
  5. Timely office appointments.
  6. Always unlimited direct access to your physician.




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