Why There Is A Need For Hormones

There is a natural decline in hormones as you age. “Andropause or “Male Menopause” are terms commonly used to refer to this loss.  “Low T” is another term utilized to refer to this loss. The most troubling symptoms for most men are diminshed sexual performance and low libido. Testosterone is not the only  hormone that declines with age. As early as the mid-20s other important hormones begin to decline.  Until about the 40s most men do not find these particularly noticeable. Around that time the rate of decline of hormones begins to accelerate and many symptoms become more promiinent.  All men note that the shape of their bodies and musculature alters as they age.  Softer muscles of decreased size and more prominent waistlines become apparent. No matter how much effort in the gym or exercise is made, the level of definition, growth, and prominence cannot be attained once the essential hormones have declined. Energy and endurance begin to decline, and with the drop in hormones a simultaneous increase in body fat occurs, and the is is often associated with the feeling of increased age. The drop in hormones in men is more gradual than in women, thus, until recently, this has not generated as much attention in men as in women. The symptoms become more noticeable as time passes, and without treatment, the effects of aging spare no one.

How Hormones Can Help You:

Just a few of the many benefits of improved hormones:

• Build lean muscle
• Improve skin texture
• Increase energy
• Reduce body fat
• Restore vibrant sexuality
• Increase endurance

The Hormones You Need:

There are five essential hormones that promote your well-being:

• Testosterone
• Thyroid
• Pregnenolone
• Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Common Signs of Low Hormones:

• Muscles becoming softer, smaller
• Difficulty losing weight
• Waist line expanding
• Low libido
• Diminished sexual performance
• Tired, sluggish mid-day
• Thin, inelastic, wrinkled skin
• Low libido
• Low energy
• Poor memory
• Elevated cholesterol
• Low endurance
• Insomnia

Hormone therapy isn’t just for women. Let’s talk about the benefits today.